Welcome Back News

Welcome to September. The beginning of school, football, and the STC year. Reality hit me this week as I arrived back at work for vacation and realized the next one scheduled isn’t until…Thanksgiving. Eeep! Clearly, it’s time to shake out my “beach brain” and get to work.

I’ll be continuing to serve the STC SC Foothills chapter as web manager over the coming year. We’re working to slowly implement various changes to this blog and our slice of the online world and I’d really like to hear from you – either through the comments feature on the blog or through email (jen.c.hall@gmail.com) – about the changes you’d like to see made on the site. Are you interested in message boards, certain types of information or articles, multimedia, etc? What would help this site become more of a resource to you?

You might have also noticed that the chapter information pages have changed to reflect our new officers for the 09-10 year. LaTasha Hunter is still our president. Jeff Japp is now our vice president, and Sarah Wills is our treasurer. In addition, we have two new officers: Tony Machosky is our employment manager and Nina Rogers is our blog manager. You can read more about all of the officers on our Officer Bios page.

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